Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Where this blog is not allowed to die

I have returned gentle readers, after an extended hiatus caused by Warcraft, that creation of the devil.
(I played with that sentence a bit. I was going to write "...an extended hiatus caused by that creation of the devil, Warcraft". However of further examining that sentence I realized that it could be misconstrued as me having been ensnared by an unknown creation of the devil named Warcraft.)

A small point. When I write Warcraft I mean the World of Warcraft. End of small point.

As you might have guessed, oh gentle reader, this will be a rather long, wandering and rambling post.

As soon as I typed that sentence out, the words ceased to flow. I nearly went back and changed that sentence to "This will be a rather short and abruptly terminated post."

I will persevere though for you my loyal audience.

So what do I write?

I have Sinatra's "Autumn in New York" playing on Winamp in the background, so I suppose I will start with my last trip to that city. That trip took place over the thanksgiving weekend. That is late fall, and so I suppose that that song is really appropriate. (The next song was the “King of wishful thinking”. I won’t even begin to speculate about that.)

Thanksgiving weekend was a blast. I love New York City. As we drove into the city, a DJ on the radio called it the greatest city on Earth. I agree. Bangalore will always be the city closest to my heart, but New York City is…New York City. Hey, I never claimed to be particularly articulate. (Insert grinning emoticon here)

Back to the weekend. First time that I actually spent time in Central Park. Very pretty. (Heh, those three sentences were flagged for incorrect grammar by Word. Ah, for a Wren and Martin). Then we (The other member of the we was Penwala who has the good fortune of living twenty minutes from the city) ended up at a little hole in the wall Indian Restaurant right outside Grand Central Station. The Hurry Burry Curry place or something like that. Incredible rolls.

Hmm…Even by my rather poor standards this has been a particularly incoherent and unstructured rendition. I shall rewind a bit. We shall take this step by step. Stay with me gentle reader.

We left right on the day of Thanksgiving. This is a different “we” from the previous “we”. This we comprised Chinmay aka chauffer and two passengers. Me, being one of the passengers. (For some reason, people do not seem to be eager to see me behind the steering wheel of a car. I wonder why?). Well, this country shuts down on Thanksgiving as people chomp down on their turkeys and …um other Thanksgiving food. We found this out much to our chagrin when we couldn’t find a single place to eat at on the way to New Jersey. I finally had to settle for a candy bar from a friendly vending machine. That is pretty much all I remember about the drive. I was either asleep or pretending to be asleep during most of it.

I have reached that point in the blog where the urge to slack off is almost overwhelming, but I shall still persevere. Onward, atheist soldier.

Continuing the theme of every place being closed on that night, I was forced to have dinner at a “Dunkin Donut”, but this was not just any “Dunkin Donut”. It was a “Dunkin Donut” in New Jersey not owned by a Gujarati. Amazing. Thus ended day one.

The next day was forgettable. Hit a few malls to see if there was anything worth picking up. However, me being a student, everything worth picking up was too expensive or too out of my league. We then drove to Manhattan with the express purpose of doing nothing and just roaming the city. Always a worthwhile endeavor. I should mention that Penwala had seen less of the city than I had. Despite living but twenty minutes from it. Go figure. Roamed central park and had dinner in that place I spoke about. Drank copious amounts of coffee, and had a good time. Oh yes, we got ticketed for parking too long at our spot

My Warcraft addiction hadn’t abated yet, so I carried my laptop with me and managed to get a couple of hours play in each night.

I need help.

Back to the trip. The next day we returned to the city. Roamed about downtown for quite a bit. Had lunch at that same Indian restaurant, and met Crao after a show at the Museum of Natural history (That was the geek’s idea, not mine. I wanted to go the Met). The highlight of the day was a comedy club near Times Square. Clich├ęd though it may seem to write this, words cannot begin to describe the good time we had there. So…I shall not attempt to describe it (Good way to cop out of writing something…what?). Ended the day with Tiramisu at a disreputable place in little Italy that Crao claimed, from previous experience, was excellent.

He was right.

The final day. Not the end of this rendition, but the final day of the weekend. Three not so enjoyable hours on the Garden State Parkway, because the road was “flooded”, for a hundred feet in two inches of water. That caused traffic to back up for fifteen miles. Pigged out at Edison, quick swing by Daya’s place and we left for home.

This reminds me…I have to call up Daya.

And there you have it gentle reader, Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell. Nothing much has happened after that. A little explosive self destruction, a couple of forays into the Gaff and Ocean’s twelve. Good fun in the most part.
Sidebar. I completed this account today, a week after I started. In the interim my roommates have left for New Jersey and I personally crept out of the apartment after four days when I did not have to see another human being’s face.

Side sidebar. My Mage is up to level 46.

Final Sidebar. To all my friends in State College, visiting India right now, the weather has been surprisingly good. And I hope that it falls to fifteen below zero when you return.

End Titles.