Friday, October 29, 2004

Where I lay down the rules

1) I'm number one.
2) Fuck the world.
3) Dont bother being nice, it does not pay off.
4) Remember that the rest of the world thinks that it is number one.
5) The rest of the world is wrong.
6) Alcohol is bad for you.
7) Drink it anyway.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Where I am "working"

Bad idea to let songs play randomly on Winamp, when you are awake late at night and trying to work. The blues hit you hard at night.

I dislike the taste of defeat.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Where I am out of sequence...

Well as I shared with one of you, I talked to a shark. It was an interesting conversation. And now I am amused by me. This happened sometime ago. I had forgotten to put it down.

So here's to shark hunting and shark fin soup.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Where the weekend ended.

The weekend has ended. Probably one of the better weekends I've had in quite some time.

It began a normal weekend, a weekend when we had plans to go to New Jersey, which got shelved on Friday afternoon. This naturally pissed off Penwala, since I’ve been telling him that I’d be coming down to his place for the last four weekends. So at fourish I tell him that we aren’t coming. And he calls back fifteen minutes later saying that he is coming down to State College.

He reaches here at eleven and we head out to Mad Mex in Chinmays rented car. Seeing the long line at the establishment we decide to head off to the G-man. I wish to point out that I opposed going to the G-man because the line at Mad Mex was extremely attractive (I love women in short black skirts). So we headed out to the G-man, which was had a line of equal attractiveness and greater length outside it. At this point we decided to head back to Mad Mex.

A brief summary of the events at Mad Mex:
Siddharth claimed that he was neither getting drunk nor high.
Siddharth got drunk.
I did not get drunk.
I muffed up a chance with a really, really hot blonde in a really really short skirt.
The car got towed away.

End of Friday night.

Saturday. We ended up at Mad Mex again. I did not get drunk, but Jaegarmeister shots rock. Certain other people got totally drunk. However, I shall not name any names.

End of Saturday night

Sunday dawned, and ended rather tamely. We all overslept. Penwala returned to New Jersey.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Where I revert

I will never understand people. When I am the emperor of the universe, and trust me, that will happen one day, I will order that all people give ten valid reasons for anything they do.

Treated my feckless roommates at Bombay Grill (formerly Shaalimar) today. The food was nothing extraordinary, except for the Gulab Jamoons. They were incredible. Truly they were.

I was supposed to be working today, and I actually got a little done, before I got sidetracked into reading the Warriors' Apprentice. Lois McMaster Bujold is an excellent writer of space operas. Her world building skills are pretty good and the plot lines are reasonably taut and well written. But where she truly excels is in character development. I find myself really caring about the characters and what happens to them. And not just the main characters, even the bit players are very well written, so well written that I wish she’d spin them off into their own novels.

That’s it. I apologize for not reading something incredibly intellectual like “The Great Gatsby”, or “Ulysses”, or “The Fountainhead”. But I am just a simple man of simple tastes who prefers a simple entertaining page turner over those pieces of pseudo-intellectual trash.

I’m done venting.

Programming in Java is fun. (That line was just for you Chilli).

The devil is unwell today. I shall take some time out and humor him.

The following is a transcript of our chat. I am blogging it as we chat. It has been edited for content and secrecy.

Nah… I changed my mind.

I have a feeling that my blogging frequency shall increase over the next few days.

Catch up time. I am attending this TA training course. And last week was my presentation, when I got up and did a little pretend lecture for the other Teaching Assistants for fifteen minutes. I was a tad nervous, but the wise ass in me won over, and at the end of class the instructor said I had used my sense of humor to connect well with class. Ah, being a wiseass paid off.

The devil suggested a few drinks, and since he is an expert I shall take his suggestions. They are, in no particular order, Tequilla, Sembuca, Creme De Menthe, Kalua, Tia Maria, Smirnoff Black Ice, Cutty Sarks and Irish Bitters. I’ll ask him for more after I try all this.

The posting ends here. I return to my work now.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

A change

Alcohol has the effect of making me spill the beans. It happened two weeks ago and it happened again on Friday. Note that I do not regret spilling the beans. I was glad to get the beans off my chest. And since the beans were already known by some, I don't suppose that it was a big deal.

I could ramble on now, I feel the need to ramble on because I think I sighted a shark, and nary a spear-gun on me.

I do not like sharks. Other people seem to enjoy the company of sharks, but I'd rather they stay far, far away.

Some things cannot be fixed once they are broken. I seem to have this knack of driving people away. I also have this knack of driving people on the wrong side of the road. (A weak sally gentle reader, but please bear with me)

(Remember RII? The first caravan has started out from City one to City four. A train, ten kilometers long and ten stories high.)

Time seems to speed up during the semester. I'm running out of it. Too many mistakes, too many blunders, too much alcohol.

Sheesh, that does sound pathetic.

I grow weary of this Rajneesh. He has therefore been discarded.

I think...No I'm sure, that the driver on the R bus was drunk today. And trust me, I can recognize a person when they are drunk. Spoke to Norfolk today. Those guys sure know how to have fun.

I’m still playing Doom3, the demo, cannot afford the retail version of the game. Yup, I do have an exciting life. I find that I do not like the game as much as I thought I would. The weapon handling does not seem very crisp, but I think that that is my computer beginning to show its age. The rig has served me loyally for a year and a half but age has caught up with it. Time to get a new machine, or maybe just upgrade this one.

Working out is painful. You do have to have a streak of masochism to do it for any extended period of time.

Kerry won the debate. I’m happy about that. Will it affect the outcome? I don’t know, since most of the people who watch the debates have already made up their minds one way or the other.

That was my feeble attempt to write about a topic other than me in this blog. Do not get me wrong. I find myself endlessly fascinating. It is out of concern for you, gentle reader, that I veer off the topic of Rajneesh and descend into the cruel world.

Weird I am. Agree I do. (That’s me doing my Yoda impression).

Late night TV is freaky, truly it is. Weird advertisements for weirder products. Lots of “Girls Gone Wild” advertisements. That’s always good. Lots of freaky infomercials for products that no one would ever buy. (That observation was a rip of a Seinfeld bit).

Back to Friday. We were ar café 210 and a halfway decent band was playing. The only song I remember though is that infernally infectious song by Lisa Loeb. I do suppose I should list out what I had. The drinks, in the order in which I had them were a Rum and Coke (always a reliable choice), a Vodka Manhattan(Yuk), one and a half Yuenglings (beer beer beer), a Mikes Hard Lemonade(yum) and finally a Rum shot(Was too far gone by then to comment about it).

As you might guess I was a tad tipsy. Just a wee bit. I do not remember much, but I do remember asking some blonde for her phone number and getting shot down. Ended up at Taco Bell, where I ended up repeating what I had done at Bangalore’s Pizza hut, when Aja had come down. Well we finally caught the bus home and in it I ran into a junior, a friend of my roommates’. She informed them Saturday morning that I was quite drunk.

We did have a long serious conversation after getting off the bus. And we did talk a bit about the beans. At least I think we did. Or we talked about maize and the chief agricultural products of Bavaria. I do not remember anymore.

The night ended. I managed to let myself into the apartment without falling flat on my face even once. A major achievement I assure you, gentle reader. I even chatted briefly with my mom, and sent off a message to Bangalore letting them know that I was sloshed.

I then slept.

The sleep of the innocent, the blameless and the drunk. The sleep of an innocent, blameless drunk.

I woke.

I had a hangover.