Thursday, September 30, 2004

Where I respond

I have been called caustic and it has been claimed that I have been acting weird. I will now respond to these scurrilous allegations.


Fine, I have a caustic sense of humor, but in my defense, I am caustic only with those who know that I am never serious. But since it seems that this is being construed as meanness, I shall cease to be caustic towards those who want me to cease and desist.

I shall be all polite and respectful and boringly bland.

Sadly, this seems to make people believe that I am acting weird.

Vicious circle, what?

Incidentally, I do not ACT weird.
I AM weird. There is a not so unsubtle difference between the two.

Back to the vicious circle.


That’s no fun.

So if I’m trapped I might as well go down with all guns blazing
On that hopefully ominous note, I shall change the topic.

Semester drags on, and by and large it is far less fun than summer.

I have started programming in Java again. Three cheers. I had forgotten how much fun that is. I’m hunting for that elusive job, which will help me get out of Nowhere, Pa. As I said before, lots of money and very little actual work.

While on the subject of jobs, congratulations Ameya on Intel. Back to Bangalore after all this time away. Now by my calculations, Kaushik and I will be the only ones away from the gang, and since our resident plutocrat is in Madras, which is three hops four skips and half a jump away from Bangalore, I am the only one away. On the subject of people being away, Inder, have a great time in Germany. However, since Inder refuses to read my blog, he will never read that.

On the subject of congratulations, congratulations Chinmay , on the candidacy. May we get drunk again, and have another serious conversation.

I think I’ll rewrite the infamous “Manifesto” , one of these days and for a change, I will try to follow it.

No, Really I will. Trust me. I will. No kidding.

Disappointment. I might not be able to make it to India in December.

To those who know, I’m looking for a spear gun to hunt all those pesky sharks. Preferably a weapon that will inflict upon them a long and painful death. Or like the crossbow from Halflife.

Heh. That would be fun. I’m sure Kaushik remembers me potting him from across the warehouse/storage area in the Stalkyard. Incidentally, I lost that map only twice, out of all the times that we played. Here’s to the wastelands, with Kwai and Inder screaming for someone, anyone to defend the flag and Kaushik coming up with inspired defense strategies.

An extract from the removed post, the unposted post from that memorable early morning blogging session.

Running on fumes.

Ran out of fumes.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Objects in the rear view mirror may be the cops.

On that note.

The Rajneesh vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Where I let go

Blog removed beacuse of what I think is unfair criticism. heh heh.

I do agree though. Fair criticism. Thank you.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Where I am in the Bangalore of the mind...

Time to wax nostalgic again...

A few days ago I sent out a mail to the gang asking them to recollect stuff from the four years of undergrad, the good, the bad, the horribly mutated.

Attached below are everybodys contributions. To most people, this will make no sense since I do not care to expand or explain. They shall be as I received them, and as we remember them.

Net4U, Bun Puffs, Splendours and Chetaks, Chana Bhatooras, Chillis comp and Ameya's Helmet.

Well dhimant and Yes Lunch
Chilli and me singing Supra Jyotsna
Dhannu and Basant
Me fooling Amey to go the wrong way in NBA
Dhimant feeling up Aja's leg in KFC
Me going to KFC 4 straight days
Rajesh Whistling
Inder asking directions from rajneesh's place to my place

as a continuation..
a)inder not finding my house after coming there for 2
continuous days on his own
b)cracking KSS jokes at night...
c)the cricket in florence school ground..
d)our experience with dr.amarnaths energitic biscuits
after the cricket
e)half life taking almost an year to complete and
every1 contributing to the shooting while chilli
controlled the movements
f) chillis and rajneesh escapades with princi

Kerosene xerox
Light a match stick in the exam hall, enough kersone on everyone's hands to set off a small explosion

Tomato bhath/bath at the canteen, ameya giving talks to the juniors, kaushik
in workshop clothes 7 days a week.

What about surfing the net on chilli's shell account?? Downloading pics
based on the file names and getting a bang out of it.

1) Dhim swearing at the Sympony manager
2) Kaushik saying "fatty is getting fatter" and Rajjo walking away from us
3) Rajjo waiting for his Salisbury Steak at Nilgiris. We teasing him, and
him walking out yet again.
4) Dhim going "Adhalla aagallaare!" at the auto driver
5) Inder slapping the auto driver

1) Kaushik not able to go doubles in his Kinetic coz of some tyre problem
2) Rajjo not staying over at my place coz of coughing!
3) Akshai not coming for a movie coz "we didnt call him earlier!"

1) Evergreen It jokes! :)
2) In toto, auto

1) Kaushik getting a gross margin of 10 bucks on a single visiting card
2) Ameya running over the dogs of bangalore
3) The mega treat by akshai, dhim & ameya which had madhav, sandeep, nair,
etc. And they didnt even know that ameya was part of the hosts.

1) A to Z shop where we used to stop by for a Juice after the exams
2) Chilli being very modest abt the exams and maxing out every sem.
3) Dhimanth's book filled with the practised question and answers.
4) Rajneesh's wild playing of Basket ball in Malleswaram grounds leadin
to breakage of his glasses.
5) Word game in the class and chilli findin the answers in record time.
6) Kaushik's permanent tent in the Basket ball court in college.
7) Multiplayer games played during the college fest. Especially Capture
the flag, when everybody started shoutin in the Electronis lab.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Where I try to write...

Nothing happens when semester starts. Everyone is busy. I have been behaving more obnoxiously than usual.

But keeping in mind my large and clamouring audience, I have decided to share with you, gentle reader, my stage for a science fiction novel.

The planet shall be an anamoly, an aberration that cannot exist. It will be as large as jupiter, but it will not be a gas giant and it will have standard earth gravity.

Why so large you ask?

Well you will find out later.

It shall be populated by multiple intelligent species. One of whom will be humans. Another will be hamsters. And a third will be large, slow-moving chocolate bars.


I was kidding about the hamsters.

I have not named the planet yet.

It shall be called RII for the time being.

Thats about it.

More later.


I really do not have time to waste. I wonder why I do this.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I have burnt it out of me.

I think I will survive.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Where semester has started

Semester has started. No courses. Only a colloqium (gulp) and my thesis (double gulp). Four more months and I'm out of here gentle reader. The Rajneesh is ready to enter the work force again. Preferably in a job that pays a lot of money and involves very little actual work.

Yup, High hopes.

It's happening again. Now, that semester has started, time will speed up. I'll sneeze and it'll be December. My time here will be done.

Here's to getting drunk.

The cat was arrested in New York.